Losing rig control

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Losing rig control

Thank you so much for creating this excellent software. I have just installed it and having a play around. Have got rig control working with the ic-7300 but if I open the TRX window and then close it, it loses connection to the rig and frequency doesn't update. I'm not sure if this is expected behaviour or if there is anything I can do to fix it?

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James M0JMX

Losing rig control

You have probably installed 2.3.0(002) or (001).
I do not remember at what point this was fixed, but it seems to be after that release.

I have just uploaded new binary test version and it is rather simply to install over existing installation. Instructions are included in zip file and they exist also in web page so you can read them before loading anything..
It also has better support for HamLib CW keying, so you just need a paddle to your IC7300 and cqrlog will handle all predefined CW texts.

Zip with "i386" in name is for 32bit linuxes, the other (recommended ) is for 64bit systems.

I use also IC7300, so it is "best supported" at the moment, hi

If you try beta version, please read included README.OH1KH to find out what changes has been made and install also help file update so that your help accessed via cqrlog is up to date.

All feedback is highly appreciated!


Thanks - yes that seems to

Thanks - yes that seems to have fixed it! I originally had the version on the Ubuntu PPA (001).

Just a note - I had to delete the whole config directory and (I think?) reboot to allow a new database to be created with the new version (the old database had errors that the new version couldn't seem to fix). I also had to kill rigctld to get the rig working with the new version.


James M0JMX