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USB Issues

I have been using my Elecraft K3 with CQRLOG and Linux Mint with no problem for several years. I use an RS232 cable from the K3 to an RS232 port on the desktop Dell Optiplex380 and have never had a problem with rig control. I acquired a new Icom IC-7300 last week which uses a USB cable for rig control. I had no problems getting it connected as I have used USB adapters and cables with Linux in the past. At first i had an issue with RF taking out the USB connection and changing the USB port. I would be on /dev/ttyUSB0 to start and then the computer would change to /dev/ttyUSB2 when I transmitted and then back to /dev/ttyUSB0 the next transmission. I have started using a different USB cable that I put several toroids on and for the most part the RF problem has gone away. I plan to do a better job of grounding everything in the shack including the computer so hopefully that issue goes away. But sometimes the port still randomly changes without any rig in the shack transmitting so must not be RF related.

Is there any way to tie the USB cable from the 7300 to a single /dev/tty/USBx port so I don't have to keep running dmesg in terminal to determine which port is active and then go to CQRLOG preferences o change to it? Or is this just life with Linux?

73, Bill NZ0T

USB Issues

Hi Bill!

First 3 settings of Icom.
Check that rig does NOT have tranceive ON, it must be OFF. Another rig setting, if you do not have CI-V linked to USB then you must set USB echo ON. These are requred by rigctld, not acatually by cqrlog.
My rig is not here at the moment, so I do not remember the real name of those rig parameters, except tranceive.

For finding a way to know the serial port name you must set udev rules. You can seek Google with words : udev rules
There are several instructions for different linuxes (that are almost the same for all), or start by reading this

For my system I have linked icom to /dev/icom7300 in udev rules and that is always valid no matter what usb socket I'm using.