Membership lists

The membership files are used for tracking members of a club or stations to be collected for an award. CQRLOG curently supports tracking of 76 club memberships using internal files which are part of the installation. You can choose 5 clubs from this list which can be tracked simultaneously, providing the basic info in the 'Details' window with possibility to add a remark to a log colimn (there is a choice of Award, QTH, Comments to a QSO, Name, County, Grid and State). Here is a list allowing to download a most fresh update of a membership list of your particular interest. Some of below mentioned files are updated twice a week (most active clubs - SKCC, CWOPS, FOC, A1-Club, DIG and some others), some can remain unchanged because such clubs are either not very active or the data availability is limited.

There is quite impossible to track changes in every club listed below, so volunteer 'managers' wanted! Drop us a line if you are member of a club and you are willing to pay instatnt attention to the membership list and share your work with others. We strongly need a maintainer of the Ten-Ten (10X), QCWA and A1-OP (ARRL) membership lists but other clubs also wanted. There are many clubs which are not recognized, if you know such club, keep us informed or - better - prepare a membership list by yourself and let us know.

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Membership Lists

Any chance of having a .zip or .tar of all the membership lists?
Something like the AD1C country files that have either a consecutive number (member-1) or date (member-2010-02-08).
73 Hank K8DD

Addition To The Membership List

I have the new WARC Century Club list available if interested. I tried emailing direct, but received no response. Just let me know where to send it if you would like.

73 - Paul - N9GXA