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Download eQSL card

I'm using CQRLog 2.4.0 on Linux Mint 19.2 and I have imported all my QSOs from an adif file but I can't download the eQsl cards while the information is being downloaded.
I tried to run the program in debug mode but I don't see any errors.
Does CQRLog support this feature?


73 de IK0OZB op.Luigi

Download eQSL card

Hi Luigi,

AFAIK is not possible to download eQSL cards (pictures) by cqrlog. Google for any eqsl cards downloader and then import them to cqrlog, but it is not automated process and can be not easy to do with huge amount of electronic cards. See this

<p>Slav, EI2IDB</p>

Download eQSL card

Hi !

I think this could be done as external script.

First export with ADIF date,time,callsign(perhaps band and mode). Then by reading this file maek download requests and place results to ~/.config/cqrlog/call_data folder by making callsign based folders to each call and qslo_call_fornt.png as card images there.

But that does not need to be part of cqrlog, it can be made as external program.


Download eQSL card

Hi, it would have been a nice feature.
In fact the recommended method has a bug, that is when there are more than one QSO with the same operator.
In the end, the qsl can also be managed separately.

Thanks all for answer

73 de IK0OZB op.Luigi

Download eQSL card

Hi Luigi !

Yes I know.
QSL view of cqrlog is not planned to view separate band/mode qsls from same callsign.

But there is another way to do it.
Callsign named subfolders at ~/.config/cqrlog/cqll_data can contain txt,jpg,png,pdf and html files.

What if just generate a html link(s) to callsign folder that by cliking loads qsl image from eQSL.
Then there can be several links for one call. Just name them like:
and so on...

Links could be generated using log database entries that are marked "eQSL received". This can be done outside of cqrlog and with any programming language that can access mysql databases. has instructions how to get a qsl cqrd viewed

-get call data with eqsl received from log database
-check if that callsign has subfolder at ~/.config/cqrlog/cqll_data, if not create one
-generate a html file named by call_band_mode to that folder (ex: oh1kh_80m_cw.html)
-make content of that file:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh"
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">

-save file
-get next call data from log database ... and so on.

I did test it with manually created html file that had real values copied from eQSL.
It worked fine !

Now it is just a small step any more to create the program that creates those html files to right subfolders.


I admit that this woulld also be a rather small step to do from inside of cqrlog.
Actually smaller as it then does not need any file generations, just an icon to create html request on fly.

And it even could be the same icon as there is now for showing saved qsl cards.
Just a checkbox to preferences to switch the meaning of qsl icon: do we show saved qsl, or do we fetch it on the fly from eQSL.
And of course then icon appeared in related to saved card image or "eQSL received" mark in log database.

Hmmm.... how we did get so far :-)