FLRig not transferring frequency to CQRLOG

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FLRig not transferring frequency to CQRLOG

I am using FLRig to control all my digital programs in a Raspberry pi 4 running Buster. The path to rigctld binary is: /usr/bin/rigctld. The Rig model intry is "4 FLRig FLRig" Everything else is default values.

When I save the configuration, FLRig is not communicating with CQRLOG. The frequency doesn't change on the display or anything else. I was watching a youtube video about configuring CQRLOG by TOM A. at the 35 minute point, he talks about running "gksudo gedit /etc/group " but that does not run on Buster. It talked about getting into some file on the system and putting in my login credentials for CQRLOG in order for the the rig control interface to work.

What can someone tell me about all this. How do I get FLRig to work with this great program?



Terry, N7TB

FLRig not transferring frequency to CQRLOG

Hi Terry!

Without knowing the video you have watched I would say that there is no need to edit /etc/groups file.

You must have hamlib version at least 3.3. To check give console command
rigctld -- version

Flrig must be running before you start rigctl (or it is started by cqrlog).
Rigctld , when using rig model 4, is talking to flrig via tcp connect localhost port 12345.
Rigctld talks to cqrlog via tcp connect localhost 4532 ( that is the default setting in cqrlog)

So if your flrig already works you should not have any need to touch the /etc/groups file (that is probably touched in video to get serial port connection to rig work. Setting user to dialup group).

Most important is starting order so that rigctld will get hooked to flrig at start. It can not get connected if flrig is started afterwards.

Look at this chain https://www.cqrlog.com/comment/6983