vanilla cqrlog ???

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vanilla cqrlog ???

hello.. just installed CQR... wondering tho ... is there a vanilla verson ??
the new qso window is sooooooo over done for me.. iam a basic logger.. dont need all that stuff..
call freq band rst time date... thats all i need..
heck rst can be 599.. isnt it always again again 59 59 again again hahhaha had to lol

but yeah a plain jane vanillia version would be cool

also in the new qso window.. if a call shows up in the window above.. its one line. hard to scroll.. resizeable area there and lil easy to scroll ...

anyways sides that .. at least iam on linux ... newbie so trin to get all my WinX over to it.
not sure but if the programers can look at n3jfp i think it is.. its short simple basic clean layout.. iam unable to use it in wine.
anyways so far its good to have loggin . ty for the work so far tho for sure.

73 phil

Yes. I also think that a lot

Yes. I also think that a lot of extra information to enter.

73! de UD2F (ex RO2F)

73! Val (ex: RU2FM)

vanilla cqrlog ???

So what? If you have rig CAT connected all you need to type is the callsign, then tab (or space if set in preferences).
When qso ends press enter. Qso logged. Thats it, callsign plus 2 other keystrokes.
If you have QRZ or HamQTH settings ok it will fill other informations.

If you want to see more calls (you have worked the callsign more than once) stretch NewQSO vertically to make more room to upper end.

You can also open window/contest and minimize NewQSO. Smaller input form you can not have!
If you then like to see previous qsos, before minimizing NewQSO open also window/QSOlist and set "update after each qso" on from preferences.

Forget windoze life, you do not need it for anything. :-)


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i dont use rig control. iam one of them that likes knobs hi hi .. lol
the worked call before window does not change for me.. linux mint xfce.

and my refernce to n3fjp i think it is.. if u never seen it.. check it out.. its all in one window. worked before calls.. your log list .. the so info enter windows.. iam not syain bad on cqrlog.. but what i have seen form a lot fo software.. not just loggin... folks go overboard when they make a program.. got to have this or that put this in there show that window do this with that .. all on one screen
iam a keep it simple kind of person.. less is more for me ..

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Well. Having rig CAT control does not mean that you drive your rig with cqrlog.
You can do it, but you also can do still all by using knobs. Cqrlog just peeks your band and mode from rig, so you do not need to care about them when logging qso.

Worked before call needs setting File/preferences/NewQSO:
"Refresh data after save qso" -- checked,
"Show recent qso records for last XX days" -- checked
"In previous qso list show also qso with call/p and call/m, W6/call etc." -- checked (if you like)

Many people like to have rig control, link to fldigi , wjstx, jtdx. DXCClists etc. etc...
If you need just a "e-paper" to write qsos then cqrlog might not be the best choice for you.
On the other hand you can use it by simplest way and then if sometimes you need something more special it is already there.

It is your choice.



If cqrlog is too big for you, you can give a chance to Xlog. Simple, just few fields as you wish and you are still on linux, lol.

<p>Slav, EI2IDB</p>

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not that its to big. just i dont know iam like said in other reply.. simple person i like keep it simple idea. less is more..
i looked at the xlog. iam newish to linux and that needed this and that added.. still tryin to understand apt and or apt dash get install commands..

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will i went off and read what hamlib was for. rig control.. as i dont use it.. i didnt need it.. i read up on command apt and apt get , apt install.. and apt search cache so on to find software on the repo..
i now have xlog in and it reminds me of another winx loggin software.. can not remember tho..
it is working tho .. its a keep it simple for me .

thank you very much for kind of pushing me to it..

maybe someday and if i knew how to program.. cqrlog will come out with a nilla version.. not sayin bad on cqrlog at all. it is a good loggin program and it has its place for sure..