New User - A Few Questions

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New User - A Few Questions

Hi, I run Linux, so I was pleased to find CQRLOG. I got a lot of experience with it during the CW WPX contest last weekend.

A few oddities that I wonder about:

1. The program offers to update the DXCC tables EVERY time I start the program. Even if I've just exited and restarted. I can't believe anything changed in those few minutes, but perhaps I don't understand what data is involved. Any explanations welcome.

2. I have the program set to offer to back up on exit. Sometimes It offers to do so, sometimes it does not. Even f there is new data. Is this normal?

3. I have about seven backup files. Can I discard old ones?

4. During the contest, I had a bunch of config changes, which were recorded in the database for that contest. How can I move these config changes to my main log file?

Thanks very much for this very useful program.

Ed Greenberg

New User - A Few Questions

Hi Ed!

1) That should not happen every time. Check with file manager (set: show hidden files and folders), or with command line:

ls -l ~/.config/cqrlog/ctyfiles/

the dates of files. Do they change after update? You find also file README from that folder. It's a bit old, but worth of reading.

2) Have you checked "Ask before creating backup"? That way you can control not to have backup for every close down. You can also cancel close down from that question.
The backup should happen every time if nothing is asked, but so should also dxcc/qslmgr update happen only if new data is available. Are you sure that you have full read/write permissions to ~/.config/cqrlog and subfolders? (you have never done any changes there with sudo or being a root user that could made changes to file permissions)

3) It is up to you how many backup copies you like to have. Now it is good point to say that adif backups (automated or manual) do not backup all settings of cqrlog. They backup only qso data.
If you like full backup of all settings and logs (in case you have selected "save log data to local machine" this saves also logs) you can copy the folder ~/.config/cqrlog with all files and subfolders either with your file manager or from command line:
cp -a ~/.config/cqrlog ~/.config/cqrlog_save
That will produce new folder "cqrlog_save" under folder ~/.config. You can keep it there as "quick to restore" folder, but you can also copy it to external drive or usb stick to be in safe palce in case of hard drive failure.
With that copy you can also create identical cqrlog to another computer that has cqrlog installed but not yet used. Just copy file to ~/.config/ with name "cqrlog" (not with cqrlog_save)

4) When your contest log is open select: NewQSO/File/Open or create new log you get "database connection" window. There your current contest log should be selected (blue).
Select Utils/Configuration/export to save your log settings.

After saved it you an select another log from list by click (to get it blue). Then again Utils/Configuration/import and select just saved file.

NOTE: you can not import settings to log that is currently open. It does not work 100%
A good time to import settings to any log is at start (do not use: open recent log at program start) when
"database connection" window opens, but no log is yet opened.


Hello Saku,

Hello Saku,

On the subject of downloading every time...

My ctyfiles directory always gets a new cqrlog-cty.tar.gz. The newest file in that tarball is from last February, but the timestamp on the file updates every start.

> If your CQRLOG tends to perform repetitive
> update on every startup, please check timestamp of this files in /ctyfiles
> directory:

> CallResolution.tbl
> AreaOK1RR.tbl

I have:

-rw-rw-r-- 1 edg edg 1101975 Apr 10 03:53 cqrlog-cty.tar.gz

-rwxrwxr-x 1 edg edg 481080 Feb 27 12:06 CallResolution.tbl
-rwxrwxr-x 1 edg edg 17956 Oct 31 08:46
-rwxrwxr-x 1 edg edg 596891 Feb 7 07:26 AreaOK1RR.tbl

Note that I don't have a cqlrog-cty tar file that includes a version number in the filename, as described in the README.

I am not looking for DXCC at this time, so I have turned off auto-update.

Regarding the other points above, I understand and have all this working now.


Ed Greenberg, AE2Z
Queensbury, NY USA