After install mysql-failure!

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After install mysql-failure!

I using linux mint 19.3.
After installing (sudo apt-get install cqrlog) the failure displayed.
Now I have start cqrlog in debugmode "cqrlog --debug=1. I see that the folder /var/lib/mysql-files can't found it.
With MC (midnight-commander) look in /var/lib/ for the foulder /mysql-files .. can't found him .
It gives a foulder /mysql only.
Have this copied and as /mysql-files paste.
Now it's work :-)
vy 73 de dl1gzw

What linux build and version

What linux build and version are you using? It might help someone to know that.

now its working

have start the program in debugmode. on start it hasnt found the mysql database. the program use the folder "mysql-files" in /var/lib. install was in the folder /var/lib/mysql !!!! have rename this in "mysql-flies" and all works very well.
I using linux-mint 19.3
73 de dl1gzw :-)

After install mysql-failure!

Hi !
Yesterday i looked at a fresh Linux Mint install where new cqrlog did not start at all.
I was doing it with Teamviewer remote connect. A very good way! Saves time, fuel and is safe in these covid times.

The problem was same. Thanks for your information, it saved my time!
Installed cqrlog did not start telling that database connection could not be made.
Cqrlog debug=1 showed that mysql did not find /var/lib/mysql-files folder.

Strange! I have never seen this kind of error before.

But your fix was good. I did not rename existing /var/lib/mysql folder (it may break some other program, perhaps).
I opened command console and navigate to /var/lib folder

cd /var/lib

There is made a new symlink mysql-flies that pointed to folder mysql.

sudo ln -s mysql mysql-flies

After that cqrlog started normally !


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Hello Hans-Werner,

Hello Hans-Werner,

I'am also using Linux Mint 19.3 (64Bit) but never heard something about "mysql-files".

Therefore I searched for packages using "mysql-files" - nothing found.
Myself started with cqrlog from the distribution with version 2.4.0 (001) - also never noticed "mysql-files".

This might be a solution at this time for your system - please take care updating and changing packages / files!
Normally only small changes are needed to get cqrlog to work.

And the good thing at last: cqrlog is working at your system :-)

73 de Martin, DL1MTG

73 de Martin, DL1MTG