K3NG CW Interface

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K3NG CW Interface

CQRLOG's K3NG CW interface does not work unless I have opened Minicom or Arduino Serial Port Monitor first. Then it works just fine. In order to use the K3NG CW interface I have to leave Minicom running on the same port (in my case /dev/ttyUSB1) at the same time. If I close Minicom CQRLOG's K3NG CW interface stops responding. Is this a bug?
John, VA3KOT

Since posting this I saw the same bug report in 2014 by Jim, W2XO. It seems CQRLOG does not set the port speed when the K3NG CW interface starts. A workaround is to use the terminal command: stty -F /dev/ttyUSB1 115200, but this command has to be executed after every reboot.

K3NG CW Interface

Hi John!

Answered to you on other forum.

As information here:
Speed setting was stored to word (16bin) that can handle only up to 65535. Changed it to dword (32bits) that can pass 115200 to speed setting.

Will be on my next pull request.