Longest QSO indicator

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Longest QSO indicator

I just saw something on the log window for CQRLog in the strips below the logs where it says Distance Total Distance and Longest QSO.
I have no idea where it got that from or how I can look up that longest QSO. I'm assuming it was looking at long path? and how can I find that particular QSO in my log? FIlter doesn't seem to have an option for distance or else I missed it .

Longest QSO indicator

Hi Chris!

It's mainly for high bands working (and sum of distances often used for contest scores in high bands). You must have set your own locator and you must have logged locator of opponent station. Then distance can be shown.

It is always short path between two locators.

At preferences/visible columns you have checkbox "Distance (in pnl)" ->in panel, not in qso table grid.
There is no filter for distance.

When you select qso from "QSO list" Distance of that qso is shown in panel with total distance (sum) of all qsos in log and the longest qso. All counts only for qsos that have locator grid entered.