Access violation. Rpi4 CQRLOG WSJT-X

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Access violation. Rpi4 CQRLOG WSJT-X

PC Rpi 4 2m ram
OS Rasbain buster
CQRLOG 2.3.0 (001) 2018-06-17
rig 1 Hamlib Dummy
WSJT-X V2.1.2

I am working on a Rpi4 for logging and digital for my truck. I have a very nice ft891 with builtin usb conection. But it is easier to test my setup on my bench in shack with my dx1200. I tested cat control with ft8 on ft891 and it worked great.

I brought the Pi back in house loaded cqrlog ( no issues at all loading). set radio on wsjt to none and ham lib dummy on cqrlog. All i really wanted to do is confirm logging of qso with ft8.

First I start cqrlog, then wsjt, then ctrl-j in cqrlog. red offline button lights up. CQ-Monitor does not start nor do any other windows open. i think there is a second program that runs but i don't see it.

I can work a station but when i log it I get an Access violation.

i tried loading cqrlog from terminal with cqrlog debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt it opened cqrlog and load log 001 but then hung and no txt file created

I have read a lot of OH1KH's responses to this type of error (Saku you sir are tireless in you support effort!!)

as I have said cq-monitor didn't open (is it a separate download and if so where can i find it?)or I would have been happy with the work around. I think I have the latest version of cqrlog

i have screenshots of my setup pages but can't figure out how to load them here so I would be happy to email them

Thanks for any help

john nm2r

Access violation. Rpi4 CQRLOG WSJT-X

Hi John!

When you have wsjt remote switched on you will find CQ monitor appear to list of NewQSO/Window drop down menu. If remote is off you do not see it. Once you open it,leave it open when close remote (ctrl+J) or from NewQSO/File open state is remembered and next time CQ-monitor opens when you set remote on.

Your cqrlog is not the latest. It may be if you look at rpi repositories, but they are not up to date. You should get the latest compiled from Petr's GitHub source. There are lots of fixes since 2.3.0(001) and even since 2.4.0(001) official release. Only source has the latest fixes.
You can see added fixes from here Just scroll down so long that you will find 2.3.0(001) release and you see how much has happened. (around 184 fixes and updates ago).

That makes instructions and help giving very difficult as users do get stone-age versions from repositories that are not up to date ;-)

I do not have RPI but I know there are users who are compiled latest source and could help you getting the latest version.
Upgrading over working installation is just one file copy: the binary executable itself. That is file /usr/bin/cqrlog .

If you ever want use rig connection with cqrlog and wsjtx just set up cqrlog so that it reads your rig. After that set wsjtx rig type "Net Hamlib rigctld" and device localhost:4532
Then, when you always start cqrlog first and wsjtx second both will work. Cqrlog must be running all the time you use wsjtx (or fldigi, with same rig setup as wsjtx).
That is the easiest way to get both running happy with rig.

For more complex settings see