two callsigns and log uploading to hamqth.

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Anonymous (not verified)
two callsigns and log uploading to hamqth.

I have got new callsign and I add it to my old profile at qthcom. Next I changed my call sign to new one in cqrlog-> preferences-> station and logging qsos under my new callsign to the same database. Now when I uploading qsos made under new callsign to log they are going to my old callsign log instead of new one.
Any suggestions to fix it?

Slav, EI2IDB

ei2idb (not verified)
two callsigns and log uploading to hamqth.

I think I found reason here:

Unfortunately CQRLOG doesn't support uploading logbbok data for different callsign, it only uploads data for callsign you are using as login name.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

So it looks that the best way to keeping two logs upadated online is new profile (account) for each callsign.

Can we have choice in cqrlog to which log at qsos should be uploaded?

It looks little bit strange because I found that API already exists, didn't check if it is working

Real-time QSO upload

You can upload individual QSO to HamQTH logbook in real-time as well. Use POST request to with these parameters:
u - username
p - password
c - callsign (if empty, username as callsign will be used)
adif - the QSO in ADIF format
prg - name of your application (without version number)
cmd - command to real time upload function (insert, update, delete)