lotw adif import problems

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lotw adif import problems

folks -

I'm being stupid here ... So I had 37 QSO that I uploaded successfully to LOTW via CQRLOG. (I no longer have access to that machine) Back on my main machine/CQRLOG I continue to update LOTW and I get the LOTW_err.txt saying 37 QSO not in log. OK, got a LOTW report in adif for them and tried importing... CQRLOG says QSOs were all there and asks if I want to import them again. I have tried both yes and no answers and while there are no error messages from CQRLOG, I can't find those QSOs in the log and when I update from LOTW I still get the same CQRLOG message saying 37 QSOs not in log. I have also tried importing QSL/LoTW/Import local LOTW adif file and file/import/adif

I'm hoping this is something simple and I won't have to try to fat finger the data into the log.

Thanks for the help!

-jim KA3LXM

lotw adif import problems

Hi Jim !

This sounds weird.
I assume you have package installed cqrlog 2.4.0(001).
1) importing QSL/LoTW/Import imports just information if LoTW confirmation is received for a qso (and marks it with date to qso data)
2) If I remember right the (001) version file/import/adif works in way that asks "qso exists, do you still want to import" for every duplicate qso that exist in adif file. At some point a fix was added where user can check "use same answer for all qsos".
So if you do not have that chekbox importing should ask 37 times that question. If it asks only once it does not import all qsos.

You should now use qso list/filter/create filter and try to find those 37 calls from log to be sure they are there as program says. Usually they are, but have something wrong. Perhaps date is not the qso date you expect and then you do not see qsos at that point of log where you are looking from.

You could also test by creating a new empty log and import just those 37 qsos to that log to see that they really get imported. If everything is ok you can try to export them to adif and then import that to your regular log.

Remember to upload all regular log'ss qsos to LoTW before doing that. After importing mark all qsos uploaded. Otherwise your next regular log LoTW export will upload them again to LoTW.

I is a bit difficult to pinpoint your problem without seeing your log (examine it with filter and sql console).