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Ubuntu based package cqrlog2.4.0-3 ???

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Ubuntu based package cqrlog2.4.0-3 ???

Hi !

I have seen this 2.4.0-3 package mentioned few times before. Would be interesting to know from what date of source is used for building it.
Problem is that version number does not grow during main versions. Perhaps it should be changed with every pull request, at least the build date.
At some point build date is set to show out at bottom of QSO list (left side with version number) but that does not help if it is not changed with every commit.

That is why package maintainers, if they create "meanwhile" packages, should use commit numbers in their naming.
By that idea now the very latest package should be named 2.4.0-(001)-#333

Now only way to know what is included in this very latest package is to search commit list and try if package installed cqrlog can do same tricks.

Could someone do some investigations so that we know what is the "-3" package version source date?