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I'm using Linux Mint 20. JTDX V2.2.0-rc155, CQRLOG v2.4.0 (127).
Is there a list of switches for the command line when starting CQRLOG? Similar to the debug switch.
I'm using a bash file to start CQRLOG then JTDX. When I shut down JTDX, it also copies my adi file for JTDX to another drive so I have a backup. What I'm looking for in particular is a switch to start CQRLOG in remote mode for WSJT-X. I have on occasion since I started using this bash script forgot to put CQRLOG in remote for WSJT-X and then had to go back in and enter all my new qso's by hand to catch it up with the adi for JTDX.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Hi !

There are no other switches than "debug". Sorry.

There should not be need to do manual qso feeding from adi. Open two text editors. One with the JTDX adi and other empty.
Just move the start of adif file up to (and including) <EOH> to empty editor.
Then scroll the adif file until you find first qso that is not in corlog. New qso record begins always after <EOR> .
Then copy all qso records up to the end of adif file to another editor (after <EOH> ) and save result as my.adi

In cqrlog Qso list/import/Adif find that my.adi file and do the importing.

Adif file is just a text file and it can be edited as long as headter part and qso records are complete including EndOHeader and EndOfRecord marks.
Linefeeds are not important. As long as they do not break any qso record tags.



Thanks for the reply. Hopefully I don't forget to start CQRLOG in remote mode, but if I do I'll follow your suggestion and copy and import into the adi.
Thanks and Best 73,