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Freq input

Well it appears I have the program running but can't do any entries.
If I type a freq it rejects as bad freq on save.
If I inport an adif all reject as bad freq.
If I use rig control it rejects on save as bad freq.
Any ideas what I need to change?
No matter what I enter it says enter a valid freq in MHZ
I do nets on 3.892 and 3.895 and 3.8975 on 80m and all

Thanks for any help to point me in the right direction.

73 Tom WD0BFO

Freq input

Hi Tom!

Cqrlog defaults to Region 1 frequencies. That is the reaseon.
You have to go to "NewQSO/File/Preferences/Bands" there is a button "Frequencues". Press that.

From table select rows where Region 1 setting differs your Region's settings. When row is selected by click press button "Modify" and set at least band start and end to fit your Region.

Unfortunately this have to be done for every log you create because settings goes with logs.

How ever when you have all your settings fixed (all contents in preferences) you can save settings to file and when you create a new log you can import them all, so there is no need for typing them again.

If your cqrlog starts by giving a list of logs to use (window called "Database connection") you just click a log there to get it selected, then press button "Utils/configuration/export" and save that log's settings to file.
When a new log is created you just select that (before opening it) and press "Utils/configuration/import" and find your settings file to import to new log.

If your cqrlog opens directly to last used log you have to uncheck "uncheck recent log after progam starts" at bottom of "Database connection" window. To get there you use "NewQSo/File/Open or create a new log".
How ever it is recommended to make settings import and export when none of logs are open. I.E you do not open "Database connection" from "NewQSO/File/Open or create a new log" but enter to that window by starting cqrlog.