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Log Upload - Error

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Log Upload - Error

Good day!

I recently (re)installed CQRLOG v. 2.5.2(001) after finding that the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS repository automatically changed the DB to MySQL from Mariadb. That was a pain to figure out, but I did with the help of a few posts here.

My issue: I get the message "Clublog: All QSO Already Uploaded" (see below) although it is not actually uploading to Clublog or to HamQTH. My login credentials are accurate and I have the upload options ticked. This happens with auto and for manual uploads. If I untick the option, I do get a warning that I must change the setting to enable uploads.

Is there a file that I can delete or some other setting that is causing this? I have run the program in --debug mode and it does not give me any feedback other than an echo of the window message. Any help is appreciated! 73, Darren - W9AS

Log Upload - Error

HI Darren!

Online logs are gray area to me, I have one log (cqrlog) and no need to duplicate that. So I'm not experienced with this.

I would first try to create a new log to get clean start. Add just the main things to preferences for testing I.E. station information and online log information at least.
Then I would try to feed a fake qso in and see what happens with online upload. Of course with debug enabled.

If it goes on fine there is something with your regular log database. if it fails in same way then perhaps you have found a bug.

When doing --debug dumps close all windows that are not needed and set rig poil rate to something like 10000 or more to get less debug lines from rig connection.

Direct dump to file. It is easier to study afterwards:
cqrlog --debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt


Thanks, Saku, I will try your

Thanks, Saku, I will try your suggestion and report back to the thread.

73, Darren, W9AS