POST a QSO-ADIF into my website from CQRLOG.

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POST a QSO-ADIF into my website from CQRLOG.

Hello to all,

I'm Bastien F4EYQ creator of CRXLOGBOOK ( ham radio tools on the Cloud ).
I search how to integrate CQRLOG with online LOGBOOK instance ( CRXLOGBOOK ).

=> For that i need to send : a QSO in ADIF format to an URL ( POST or GET ) from CQRLOG. 

To do that, user generate a "security token" on his logbook on the Cloud,
And configure his logbook on his computer via a simple URL to forward all new QSO for exemple :  

I clic on "token generator" button of my online CRX log "logger32test" : 

It generate a new security token witch is attach to my log : 

So, i will simply paste this URL into my computer logbook : 

Actually it's work with LOGGER32 & LOG4OM & WSJTX,
so i search to make same system on LINUX : 

and also WSJTX via UDP agent :

CQRLOG implementation can be simply :
=> a new text entry + checkbox ( URL POST ADIF + enable post qso ).
=> The LOG4OM implementation is probably the best implementation for QSO forwarding ( open to all logbook WEBSITE ).

This new feature enable also people to share QSO with their LOG on their BLOG,
with their "own" Cloud loggin system not necessary CRX Cloud.

73 to all Bastien

ps: For info, CRX-LOGBOOK is a cloud application & open source software all running on LINUX DEBIAN
see also :  and

POST a QSO-ADIF into my website from CQRLOG.

HI !
That could be done in dLogupload.pas
Simply copying HDRlog procedures.
In addition to that a fix in FPreferences.pas/lfm is needed to assign the code and perhaps also target url (if not hard coded)
And finally fix to help files in help folder is needed.

Another way, not touching cqrlog at all is to use daemon program that watch mariadb database.
First thing is to clear out what log (number) user is using. (or watch them all to see what changes)
When log number is known select database "cqrlogXXX" where XXX is the number in use.
from "cqrlogXXX" select table "cqrlog_main".
from "cqrlog_main" watch up "id_cqrlog_main". When it grows qso has been added.
Then just "select * from cqrlog_main where id_cqrlog_main=(just received new id)" then create adif from that data and sen it with code.

Can be made with any preferred programming language that supports mysql.


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Tnx for this hack Saku! I hope an implementation "open" for webservice,
here CQROLG is an source software, so i hope it will be an official "generic webservice" configuration,
not only few "webservices" sync like actually.

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I've send a message into whishlist forum section also.