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Upgrading CQRLOG Don't install Hamlib

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Upgrading CQRLOG Don't install Hamlib

I want to upgrade CQRLOG. On the Pi I download from github and go through the "make" process. However when I do the install CQRLOG installs hamlib into /usr/bin. I have the latest release of hamlib install - it's location is /usr/local/bin. When CQRLog installs to /usr/bin it creates issues.

There is somewhere in the documentation that gives you the option NOT to install hamlib with CQRLOG? When I installed the older version of CQRLog from the add/remove programs it doesn't install hamlib programs. How do I make cqrlog and not install hamlib with it?



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Re: Upgrading CQRLOG Don't install Hamlib

Hi Kevin,

if you install cqrlog from debian package, hamlib is the dependency. It will always install hamlib from distribution repositories. If you don't want to install dependencies, please use binaries from tar.gz or compile cqrlog from the source code.

If you have newer version of hamlib in /usr/local/bin, just change the path in the cqrlog preferences.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Upgrading CQRLOG Don't install Hamlib

Hi Kevin!

Just like Petr says you can just change path to rigctld to point to /usr/local/bin where you have fresh version of Hamlib.
Cqrlog will work fine with two Hamlibs in system.

How ever there might be other programs, like wsjt-x, that do not like two Hamlibs. That happens if program uses shared libs of Hamlib. Installing two hamlibs installs either ones lib files, not both. This may cause problems, but as said cqrlog works fine.

The best way to upgrade cqrlog is compile from source. Then you get the very latest version. If you cant / want to do it you can install ready compiled binary from my GitHub test page.
I have there also Pi version compiled with Rpi4. Latest update was only 2 days ago.