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LoTW download bug

I found a bug in CQRLOG. It's probably not common but here it goes:
In 1995 I lived in El Salvador and I was YS1ZV. My US Call is WC4H and my CQRLOG db is only for WC4H.

Forward to today:
I downloaded the LoTW confirmations (for WC4H) and received the message that 2 QSOs were not in my log but were in LoTW.

The two QSOs were in 1995 so I was very suspicious.

I went to LoTW and saw that the 2 QSOs were for YS1ZV and were indeed confirmed on the date the error message said.

FYI: WC4H & YS1ZV are in the same WC4H login of LoTW. That's how LoTW does it. You can have one login with multiple stations.

The download option for LoTW should only look at the station the log is for. In this case, WC4H and not YS1ZV.

NOTE: I also posted this in the Telegram Group with pictures.

Thanks & 73.
Carl - WC4H

LoTW download bug

Hi Carl!

Isn't it so that you have to define new qth for each operation?

You need qth "wc4h" and qth "ys1zv" .

Then you upload lotw with both qths separately and also download from LoTW requesting qsos for qth "wc4h" and for qth "ys1zv" at different download session. That way you can separate confirmations.


Then you define cqrlog LoTW


I if you compare my TQSL settings you see there callsign OH1KH and corresponding qth Pori.
Same you can see cqrlog settings: I export qsos with qth "Pori" and import with callsign "OH1KH" they are tied together.
Same way as I have call OF1KH with qth OF100 you can do with your YS callsign.

Then you shoud have different logs for both stations with proper cqrlog settings. Or you can use qth profiles, but then you must be sure you check proer LoTW settings at import and export.





LoTW Download Bug

Hi Saku.

I don't think that you understand my issue.

I do not have any YS1ZV log in CQRLOG. I no longer operate from YS1 and all the QSOs are already uploaded to LoTW.

Yes there is a separate certificate for YS1ZV. I'll send you a picture via the Telegram group in case it did not attach to this message.

So, when I'm syncronizing WC4H with LoTW from CQRLOG, CQRLOG should NOT look at any data for YS1ZV.


Carl - WC4H

LoTW Download Bug

HI Carl !

OK. You should not get qth "El Salvador" confirms if you issue call WC4H in cqrlog's Lotw Web download.
I see this more like LoTW bug.

Have you made a check by connecting manually to LoTW web with browser and requesting qsos for WC4H for same time period.
If your YS qsos are there there there is nothing cqrlog can do.

You can also check the file from ~/.config/cqrlog/lotw All files from lotw actions are there.
If you check the file at beginning you see similar like:

ARRL Logbook of the World Status Report
Generated at 2022-01-21 13:11:34
for oh1kh
QSL RX SINCE: 2021-01-01 00:00:00 (user supplied value)

2022-01-21 08:12:42



So LoTW tells in header that this file is generated for xxxx (in my case OH1KH). Then qso records follow.
If you find there a YS qso it is LoTW bug.

Am I still lost ?