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Sorry if this has been addressed but I couldn't find it. I have recently installed CQRLog v2.5.2 on a new Ubuntu machine. For some reason, trying to import any adif log (Either downloading from LOTW, Eqsl, or a saved adif) doesn't work. It shows it downloaded then gives me an error message that the qso's aren't found in my log. Then it saves all the qso's in a text file. Any help would be greatly appriciated because I REALLY don't want to enter everything by hand. The fact that they are not found in CQRLog is kind of the point of the import right? LOL Anyway, thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Import Log


Could it be that it accepts some qsos and some are not accepted.
I can not believe that it does not accept any qsos from imported adif file.

First this to check, as you are in Region2, is preferences/Bands/Frequencies. The default settings there are for Region1 and if your qsos are not within band start and end frequencies adif import does not accept them.
This counts for saved adif file that is imported via "QSO list/File/Import/ADIF"

But then you talk about qsos not found with download from LoTW or eQSL.
If your log is new (empty) and then you do download from LoTW or eQSL cqrlog will sure say that qsos are not in your log.
As your log is empty.
When you do download from LoTW or eQSL it is based to date you give at the start of download. LoTW or eQSL will send all your qsos from that date to present moment. And it happens always, those systems do not mark down those qsos to be already downloaded before. They will give same qsos over and over again when asked with same starting date.

If you had qsos in your past PC's cqrlog you should adif export them to file and then move the file to your new PC and adif import them to new cqrlog.

You can also try to copy files and folders from old PC to USB stick
cp -a ~/.config/cqrlog /your_usb_stick_folder_path_here

And then connet it to your new PC and do the copy reversed:
cp -a /your_usb_stick_folder_path_here ~/.config/cqrlog

This may work if your new PC has same sql database engine. Then all your logs, qsos and settings are moved with one go.

Do this only if you DO NOT HAVE ANY QSOS IN NEW PC. It will wipe out all you have done so far with your new PC's cqrlog.
If it fails you can clean up cqrlog (no need to reinstall, it does not help) with command:

rm -rf ~/.config/cqrlog

It WIPES OUT ALL LOGS AND SETTINGS. And cqrlog thinks then that it has never started before in this machine.

If this did not help, or did not answer to your question, you should tell a bit mode what you are trying to do and how, please.


Well, I did manage to export

Well, I did manage to export adif from old pc to the new install. Thanks for the suggestion (I should have thought of that to begin with LOL), Still not sure why 0 of my qso's from LOTW and Eqsl will import. I changed the ITU regional bands as you suggested since it was slightly different but no change to importing. I suspect there is a field that is not the same somewhere but not sure which one would make them all fail. Is there a log file that may show if that would be the case? I really love the software and is a beautiful piece of work. Just kind of a head scratcher on the import. It should be fine moving forward as the uploads should obviously be compatible with CQRLog. Just curious as to what would cause it now. Thanks again for your quick response to my issue.

Well, I did manage to export

Fine !

That is the step #1.
Can you send me an email. You find my address from or
Add to your mail following informations:

1) The version of your cqrlog. Open command terminal and type cqrlog. You should see something like:

Cqrlog Ver:2.5.2 (121) QT5 Date:2022-03-10
**** DEBUG LEVEL 0 ****

Ver. and also Date are important.

2) Then add adif export (full) from your log (zip that to save space)

3) And latest date ".adi" files from folders ~/.config/cqrlog/eQSL and ~/.config/cqrlog/lotw (zip also them).
Those are in hidden folder ".config" , so you need to put "show hidden files and folders" to your file browser if you use it.

4) error files from eQSL and lotw download corresponding date/time of files from 3)

I will then look at them if I found something special.


Thanks for all the info.

Thanks for all the info. Everything seems to be working fine for the new qso's getting entered and uploaded. It just didn't want to download them for whatever reason. But everything seems to be going fine now. So I won't concern myself with it as I can do regular backups from now on. But thank you again for all your help. And as this hasn't seemed to be a problem with anyone else I would consider the issue resolved so no worries. Thanks again and 73's