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contest question

i use cqrlog for my personal log but when using it for contest when i verify the cabrillo file, it does not add the inc number sent and the number rcv, and when i check in the view qso window the info is not there, the same happened in the last contest where you needed to add the state, i have to add/edit this in the cabrillo file manually? thanks in advance

contest question


First group box is for "QSo common header" There is nothing much to change. Just the complete width of freq, mode, date, time and your call.
In next Group box you can define rst+two items that you sent. RST is just checkbox, but 1st item can be selected from selection list with it's width (6). 2nd item can also be selected from list with it's width.   There is long selection list of NewQSO items. Those who are at the start of the list are stx, stx_string, srx, srx_string. Those are what you define in contest window stx/srx are serial number. stx_string/srx_string are contest message. Rest of them are NewQSO columns that are auto filled when you save qso in contest window. You shold find all needed items from there.

Latest version of Cqrlog (from source or my ready compiled updates) have ability to choose to what column the contest message received will be placed when qso is saved. But even then it is always also found from srx_string.

So in any case you should be able to define any two items for sent and orther two received for Cabrillo export.

For viewing str, srx, stx_string, srx_string in window "QSO list" you have to set "Qso list/File/preferences/visible columns" checked to see them. They are called "SerialNR" and "ContMsg"  there.

If you want to edit  str, srx, stx_string, srx_string in NewQSO (after qso is saved, maybe after cntest?) please note that those columns are visible only while contest window is opened.

All these should be found from NewQSO/Help/Help index/Operation