HRDLog and Clublog to database

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HRDLog and Clublog to database


We have LotW that only validates releases
We have eQSL that validates statements and gives (gives away) the QSL
Clublog validates and you can "buy" the QSL, but it confirms the QSO without buying anything.
HRDlog does the same as eQSL
QRZ sells you diplomas and does not do QSL, but validates for free.

It's all nonsense.

CQRLOG downloads the validations of the first two, but does not do so with either HRDlog or Clublog. (qrz dot com, I don't care)

Is it possible to download the log of these 2 pages to include in the CQRLOG statistics? It is easy? Could it be automated or put a button as it is for eQSL or LotW?

I have noticed that I have confirmed DXCCs in Clublog and HRDLog that have never been validated in eQSL or LotW. This will bring down the list of DXCC countries and entities! Not many but I have found 6, so far!

Greetings and 73 to all.

DianeBAS21 (not verified)