Send your QSL card via e-mail

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Send your QSL card via e-mail


This request is not really urgent, nor so important, it is just a sort of "bells and whistle" feature, but I believe it will be useful and nice to have the possibility for a CQRLOG user to select one QSO saved and send his QSL card as picture via email.

I tried to search around, but it seems that is existing something just for Windows OS.

I'm referring especially to the software created by PA4R which responds perfectly to the usage I would like to do with CQRLOG.

I know that CQRLOG, by using Linux gLabels is able to send a QSL card as picture, but the usage in CQRLOG is a bit tricky and not so fast and versatile as having the possibility just to select one QSO of your log and click on a button to fill your QSL card with the QSO data and send it over the e-mail to the correspondent station.

Thanks for your attention and best regards.

Marco, PY1ZRJ

Send your QSL card via e-mail

QSL via e-mail is nice, but it is not worth of nothing because it is not verified. You can not add it to any award request etc.

How ever it can be done for existing Cqrlog already.
You just need a bash script (or it can be python, perl, java what ever) that reads you last qso details from database, finds your QSL picture and adds texts over it using 'convert' (a part of Image magic) and the sends the result with 'mutt' that is handy for sending binary attachments.

Of course script has to ask the receiver's e-mail address in some turn. Or manage to fetch it from QRZ/Hamqth somehow.

What ever the script may be, after it works, it can be added to one of TRXControl's user defined buttons to execute.

Programming is fun.


Send your QSL card via e-mail

Hi dear Saku!

I'm not a code developer, I can just try to configure scripts or use programs created by others, for this reason I'm asking here since certainly here there are people able to implement this feature into CQRLOG.

I wont this feature in order to request certificates, awards or so, I would like to have this just as an add-on to be able to send my QSL card in graphic format to some specific ham station that I wish to confirm our QSO to.

Just this! If it will be not implemented in CQRLOG never mind, I will survive don't worry!