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IC-9700 satellite mode error on CQRLog

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IC-9700 satellite mode error on CQRLog

Hi. I have found that in the satellite mode of the IC-9700 the CQRLog does not behave as it should.

The reason is that the main transmission frequency appears in the Sub section while the reception frequency appears as Main. The frequency that the CQRLog should reflect should be the transmission one (Sub) but, on the contrary, either the CAT does not do it or it directly uses the reception frequency as the satellite frequency (something that is totally wrong).

satellite mode

For the rest, the CAT communication with Gpredict is correct without any inconvenience.

The problem is when registering the contact in the CQRLog.

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IC-9700 satellite mode error on CQRLog

Hi Juanjo!

I have no experience of satellite working and Cqrlog as last time I was active on satellites was on 1990's and I sold out my Icom 970E many yeas ago. But I understand your problem well.

Cqrlog does not support Sub vfo polling as it is not originally developed for crossband logging where Gpredict is just specially designed for that.
Is it impossible to use main vfo for transmit and sub for receiving? (Might be that even this does not help...)
I remember that I used my Icom that way round with packet satellites.

Other way could be to enable satellite mode at preferences/NewQSO and then at TAB "satellite" of NewQSO to put suitable LO oscillator frequency value to create conversion from receiver frequency to transmit frequency.
I do not know, I have not tested how it works.

With the latest (source) version of cqrlog the rig polling has changed and I think it might be rather easy to move the polling to sub vfo (with checkbox or some other way).
Because now, if rigctld parameter "--vfo" is used we do poll rig with string " +f currVFO +m currVFO +v" and the "currVFO" could be replaced one of rigctld supported strings: ‘VFOA’, ‘VFOB’, ‘VFOC’, ‘currVFO’, ‘VFO’, ‘MEM’, ‘Main’, ‘Sub’, ‘TX’, ‘RX’, ‘MainA’, ‘MainB’, ‘MainC’, ‘SubA’, ‘SubB’, ‘SubC’.

But that would need testing and it cannot be done without suitable rig.