QSO start and end times

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QSO start and end times

Hi all:

I'm new to CQRLOG and am having a challenge. The start and end times for a new QSO keep advancing with the system clock. How do I get the start time to lock in at the start of the QSO so that the log will show the duration of the contact. Sorry if this is obvious but I can't seem to figure it out. Any advice would be appreciated.

Brian (K7TKT)

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Re: QSO start and end times

The QSO start time is determined by the moment when the cursor leaves the 'His RST' field. Also a note 'QSO takes 0 hours, ....' appears just below the date field. The QSO end is the moment of 'logging QSO in' ie. the moment when the record is written into database. So, both times are automated.

You can jump freely between the fields (with mouse) and write into them, and the QSO is not started until the cursor is in the 'His RST' field and is moved with the key corresponding to the move to next field (can be TAB key or the spacebar, if you set up this option in Preferences).

Finally, READ THE HELP, PLEASE! It is a big time waste if I should write a thorough help and AGAIN explain an already known thing here. TNX for understanding!

73 Martin, OK1RR

QSO start and end times


Thanks for the quick reply and so sorry for having asked such an obvious question. I looked at the on-line help and didn't see this but failed to search the help file in the program. It is very clearly covered there. Sorry. I will be more diligent with the available resources before asking questions next time.

Thank you so much for developing and supporting this application. It is truly wonderful, as you say, 'the world's best linux logging program'.

73, Brian (K7TKT)

I have just started using

I have just started using CQRLog as a test on my Raspberry Pi. The requirement to change, or click on, the signal report field is crazy. If I have a 2 x 599 QSO I surely shouldn't need to tab across several fields in order to have the start and end times display correctly?

No other logging programs I've used needs me to do this.

73 Dave