HamQth Look up fails

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HamQth Look up fails

Running CQRLOG V 1.3.1 in Debian SID and Debian Stable (two maschines..), installed by dpkg -i the 386er package after download ..

Problem: I can't poll any info from the HamQTH Database .. instead of any call related infoamtion I get only an error like message:

Tag "*session_id*" not found!

(please relplace the * by 'less than ' and 'greater than' signs.. that won't pass the html tag filter in the forum)

(this is an old problem for me since shift to HamQTH in V 1.xx .. that never worked for me)

Using the 'HamQth Button' and starting the browser works fine for me, also the user account on HamQth works perfect with the user/password used ;)

Any idea, what might be the show stopper?

73 de Olaf / DL5YBZ

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Re: HamQth Look up fails

Hi Olaf,

could you please try it in web browser? the address is:

http://www.hamqth.com/xml.php?u=username&p=password and please look if you get any session id. If yes, you can try search with

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Hi Petr, sorry for the long

Hi Petr,

sorry for the long time it took me to test... but finally I got a positive info for you:

http://www.hamqth.com/xml.php?u=username&p=password and please look if you get any
session id.

This does not reply a session id but only a message, that password and user are not valid... looks strange to me because normal lock in via the web page works without any problems.

The key of the problem was a '#' sign as part of my password...

This (and I guess some other 'special' character) won't work in cqrlog ..guess this is part of the url decode / encode problem in html..

As a workaround I changed my password using only 'normal characters and no '#' and all works fine for me :)

Thanks for you help and great work!

73 de Olaf / DL5YBZ

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Hello.  I am running 1.8.2 on

Hello.  I am running 1.8.2 on CentOS7.  I am getting the same issue with: Tag "*session_id*" not found!  I can issue this in a browser: http://www.hamqth.com/xml.php?u=username&p=password  and I do get a session ID back.  I can press the "H" icon and will go to HAMQTH and the lookup works.


Thank you


Mike W6GYC