Show QSO only shows 500 of 860

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Show QSO only shows 500 of 860

Hi I have just added Cqrlog to my Ubuntu 12.10 machine
loaded a .adif file of about 860 qso's from 2001 to 2010
only part of what i need to work with
when i scroll down the "Show QSO" list it will only show back to
the 8th month of 2006 yet the .adif file that ive saved when closing
shows back to 2001..
when i took out a few of the dupe qso's more qso's show back toward the beginning of the .adif file
why is it only scrolling back to about 500 of the 860m qso's
tnx for your help
73 David VK4BDJ

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Re: Show QSO only shows 500 of 860

Hello David,
CQRLOG shows only 500 QSO. If you scroll down to the list, it will read more 500 QSO. It's all because of program speed. If you would have about 50000 QSO in the log, it would take looong time to load all QSO into the list.
If you want to display all QSO, you can use filter. QSO which meet filter criteria are always visible completely.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

Andi (not verified)

I cant find a way to filter so that i can see all my QSO. Isnt there any way to set that limit higher e.g 3000? iam not running cqrlog on a raspberry pi. should i compile cqrlog with changes in the source?

73 Andi, DB8APG


HI Andi!
If you have cancelled filter QSO list/Filter/cancel filer (or Shif+F12) you see all your qos.

But if you are running old version of cqrlog there is a bug that affects PgUP/PgDN in QSO list.
You should get the latest cqrlog. If you can compile from source it is the best option to get latest version.

Only the /usr/bin/cqrlog file should be changed for getting new version running.
How ever it is wise to update also /usr/share/cqrlog/help content also as many things has changed since last official install packet release.

You can also look at here


Importing adif to a new log

I have just started using CQRLog. I am delighted to find that it works with fldigi.
The problem is this; I imported an adif log having 2009 QSOs. There were 1364 errors and only 645 QSOs were actually imported. In contrast, using the fldigi logger, all 2009 records are displayed. The software must be interpreting my records from 1999-2005 as having errors. I hope you can tell me what is happening and why.
Many thanks.

John G4CVA

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Re: Importing adif to a new log

Hello John,
it saved wrong QSO with errror message into a file. Could you post part of the file, please?
73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Re: Re: Importing adif to a new log

Ho John,
you've posted here all lines from the file, the comment was too long so Martin sent me the error log to email and deleted it.
In the file there is tons of wrong freq like 80.000MHz, wrong gridsquares like im,jn66l etc. It also has a problem with modes like JT65HF, THOR etc. You can add these modes to Preferences -> Modes and it will work.
73 Petr