CQRLog in Arch Linux

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CQRLog in Arch Linux

I am not sure if anyone here will be able to help me, but I am trying to get CQRLog working on my Arch install. After installing it via the AUR, the program opens perfectly fine. Once I try to open a log, I get an error window that pops up and simply says "B, and the command prompt spits out this:

TApplication.HandleException "BW" is an invalid integer
Stack trace:

The AUR has all the information about how CQRlog is built, and can be found here: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/cqrlog/

One thing of note, the AUR uses MariaDB in place of mysql.

Anyone have any idea what might possibly be going wrong, and how to fix it?

Thank you.

CQRLog in Arch Linux

You're not alone: I didn't bother to check the error messages, but certainly I saw the same error window.

After a couple of recompilations to check if it was something I'd done wrong I downloaded the application directory to see if that gave the same result, but (oddly) there doesn't actually seem to be a binary in the 1.5.6 file (cqrlog_1.5.6_amd64.tar.gz) - not one I could find anyway. I'm not sure what the problem is there.

Anyhow, as a final step I then took a wild/unsupported/probably dangerous/stupid stab at it by downloading the 1.5.5 application directory and pasting the binary from there into /usr/bin. This works for me - no crashes, database not corrupted, functionality all there as far as I can tell. It's definitely not a good solution though - when I get time I'm planning to compile 1.5.5 in its entirety and rollback to that (unless 1.57 appears in the meantime).

CQRLog in Arch Linux

All fixed for me in 1.5.8 (so thanks all round!).

CQRLog in Arch Linux

Now the CQRLog binary package is available from the AUR repository...