LoTW upload hangs [solved]

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LoTW upload hangs [solved]

Hi all,
since a while I struggle with uploading new qsos to LoTW wich cqrlog 2.5.2. In the end I have to kill cqrlog to exit.
Recently I upgraded my Debian system to Bullseye.

Here my steps:
... qsos directly entered or importet from contest programm (adi)
Upload to LoTW (Tested both: "Export all QSOs" and "Export only QSOs which nave never benn uploaded"

Button: "Export & sign"
Starting export to adif ...
Export to the adif file completed.
Signing adif file ...

TQSL starts - I enter the Password

TQSL Failure: "allready uploaded QSOs suppressed in row 17
---> I press Ignore

... nothing happens after a While I do:

sudo killall cqrlog

then tqsl window shows up:
This log contains 729 QSO(s) which are already marked for upload on LoTW and no new QSOs.

-> Button: "Upload QSOs again"

Window: Are You sure to upload again" -> YES
I did not find the cqrlog logfile - :-(

I found:
klem@odb:~/.tqsl$ cat dberr.log
BDB1565 DB->compact: method not permitted before handle's open method

Any tips are welcome!

Regards, Klemens

LoTW upload hangs

HI Klemens!
Are you sure that you have set preferences/LoTW/eQSL support your password to LoTW ok? You should not get any prompt to enter password.

You can check the password is written ok while cqrlog is open by opening ~/.config/cqrlog/4cqrlog.cfg  where the number (4 here) is the number of open log. Search string "LoTWPass" and you will see your password in plain text.


Then, are you sure you have set the LoTW upload settings ok?

Your LoTW qth specification name should be same that you have defined in TQSL and inside quotation marks. (Here OF100)

You can also connect to LoTW Web page and try manually upload the file /home/klem/.config/cqrlog/lotw/2021-10-09_12-07-05.tq8 to see if it goes without errors.



... got it...

Dear Saku,
thanks for your reply.

I was able to get back full functionality of LoTW.

My findings:

1) Trying to open tqsl from terminal I got this error:
"klem@odb:~/.config/cqrlog$ tqsl
tqsl: error while loading shared libraries: libwx_gtk2u_core-3.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
It looks like I lost the shared library due to my system upgrade.
Therefore I downloaded and compiled tqsl version 2.5.8 from here:

2) CQRLOG-Setup - was o.k. as displayed above. The prompt to enter a password came from tqsl (Password to unlock certificate)
I hat set it once. To remove certificate unlock password one can follow this howto:

3) The workflow between CQRLOG and tqsl got stuck due to a complaint about an already uploaded qso. The "ignore" option from tqsl showed up only when I killed cqrlog.

4) Solution: Exported all qso with cqrlog - I signed and uploaded all qso with tqsl - I marked all qso in cqrlog as uploaded to lotw.

Now all runs fine.

Thanks a lot to the makers of this great program!

Regards, Klemens

LoTW upload hangs [solved]

Hi Klemens!

Fine that it works!
Thanks for reporting the solution here. It might help some other user later on.