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Having some issues with HamQTH inside of CQRLOG. I used to use it for lookups, before I signed up for XML access to QRZ. QRZ integration has been working flawlessly, but even though I've removed the credentials from the configuration for HamQTH, it still insists on synchronizing with the log. Not every time I log on, but at least once a week, it tries to upload what seems like significant portions of the log (The most recent time, it took 30-40 minutes to complete).

In Preferences > Callbook Support, Callbook search has QRZ.com selected, and the credentials are filled in for my account, which are different from what I was using on HamQTH. Is this for lookup only?

How do I get it to stop trying to update HamQTH?



Callbook support should be "either or" but not together. If you have changed your qrz password at "preferences/Callbook support" it should not be able to do anything with HamQth.

1) Do you use several logs? Remember that all settings are log based. If you change qrz on one log it does not change on other log.

2) You talk about "upload". There is no upload with callbook support. Are you sure that you do not have HamQth checked at "preferences/Online log support"?

Please check those things and tell if that did help.


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HamQTH - Solved

My apologies, Saku, it was #2. I was confusing the two pieces of HamQTH functionality, and completely forgot that I used to sync my log with them.

Thanks for your help, and 73
Tim W4FX