View of additional fields in qso entry window

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View of additional fields in qso entry window

If I switch additional fields in the setup, for example rxfreq, srx, stx, contestname they are not in the entry/edit window. So how can these entries be inserted/edited?

How can I add contests which are not in the list? (For example I need IARU VHF SSB contest)

Johann, OE5JWL

View of additional fields in qso entry window

Hi Johan!

You can set preferences/Visible columns to see columns that you want to see in "QSO list".

Contest relating columns can be filled selecting NewQSO/Window/contest.
Opening that window will also extend NewQSO view.

How ever contest qsos are intended to be filled only via "contest" window. If there is something to edit afterwards you can open "contest" window and then select qso from "QSO list" and take it to edit to NewQSO.

This can be done quite fast during contest if you keep "QSO list, "NewQSO" and "Contest" open and you
notice that you did made a typing error in contest message and saved qso already.

I repeat that "NewQSO" should not be used to enter new qsos during contest. It is too slow work.
"Contest" window is made for quick entering of contest qsos (Without the use of mouse. Tab, or space [if defined] key will move you between columns. ENTER saves and ESC [once or twice] cancels)
Of course you can use it for normal qso entering too. For example during 2m ES openings when you need
fast actions to get all heard stations worked in short time.

There are some predefined contest names in list but when "Contest" window is open you can type in
any contest name you want to contest name column.

As there is no score counting in Corlog the contest name is just for quick finding contest qsos
afterwards using QSO list/filter/contest filter.
If you put same contest qsos always in same log you should add date after contest name to find right qsos.

Like: NAC-6m-9/2022

When you start contest and will use same log that you use normal qsos you can enter contest name (by typing if not exist) to "Contest" window.
Set the dupe check date to current date. (note there is a pitfall if you have worked a station just before contest begins and logged it. Then it will show duplicate in contest as dupe check does not have start time , only date).
Check needed columns to use and set contest message (if required).
Finally open "QSO list"/filte contest filter and set same contest name to it (by typing if not exist).
This way you get clean log view for contest and also "QSO list/QSOs in log" will show you the amount of worked qsos in contest.

There is a question mark icon in "Contest" window. That opens help pages to your web browser. See that for further information.