Voice keying problems

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Voice keying problems


I am very glad that CQRLOG exists and it really sums up everything what I need (of course there could be some additions like contest points calculation).

I tried to make voice keying to work, but it just doesn't. I don't know if I am doing something wrong.
I made the file in the voice_keyer folder and when I run ./voice_keyer.sh F1 it works, but when i press F1 form the New QSO window, or when I press the button on CW Message, nothing happens.
Could you please give me a hand with it please.

Also, is it possible to initiate a keyer from contest window?

Voice keying problems


Most common reasons that come in to my mind are that your script has no exec bit, but if you can run it from command line and it works, then next is your rig is not on phone mode.
Or at least Cqrlog does not know it.

Do you have right mode at NewQSO mode, and also TRXControl has red text in some of phone mode buttons?
Start Cqrlog from console:
cqrlog --debug=1
And you should find these lines when you press a F-key:

AProcess.Executable: bash Parameters: /home/saku/.config/cqrlog/voice_keyer/voice_keyer.sh

Of course with your home folder name. It might be that setting rig poll rate up to 2000-5000 while testing, and keeping just NewQSO window open helps drop debug texts that you are not interested now.
If you do not find those lines it means that Cqrlog does not recognize phone mode of rig.

I have a pending pull request to official version about fixes for contest window. At the moment it is available from my "loc_testing" branch of GitHub.
But only as source code that contains also support for 1-6 tranceivers. Code 2.6.0(104) is in test phase and I will release also ready built binary whan I am sure that most of bugs are cleared.

Upgrade to Contest form and some other bugfixes in several places.

-Has now checkbox "S&P". When checked works as before.
 When not checked launches memories F2,F3,F4 automated when
 moving on columns.
 F2 for sending call, rst and message
 F3 for sending duplicate qso warning
 F4 for sending after qso is logged with button or enter key

-Has now hint texts added. They can be turned off with checkbox.

-Has now status display to see how contest progress.
  procedure MWC will show OK1WC memorial status
  procedure NAC will show Nordic VUSHf activiy contest status
  Common status will show status of other (unspecified) contest statuses
  with user defined view.
 More status procedures can be added later.
 For doing this a new SQL query/transaction "CQ" is defined.

-Duplicate check will work now while typing in callsign. (before worked
     after cursor left callsign column)

-Added "Mark Dupe" checbox. When checked with duplicate check ON
 saved dupicate qso is marked to "RST send" with "/D". It is operator's
 duty to do something (or not) with this after Cabrillo log is produced.

For more specific information see squashed commits below and revised
contest help file, please!


-Changed Contest Filter to show contest names in order from A to Z (acs)
-Adjusted Contest Filter maxlines to default (8). This has effect when
 QT5 widgets are used (shows more contest names at time).
-Fixed typo in Group edit field selector. Had "ŕ" in "operator"
-Fixed TRXControl's button "70cm". If no previous settings for 70cm
 defaults were done loaded 80m band settings when pressed.



Thank you for the quick

Thank you for the quick answer.
In the debug mode, i found out that the script says "F1.mp3 File not found" I checked with pwd in the script and it says that the local directory is /usr/bin. Then I hard-coded the file location ./.config/cqrlog/voice_keyer and it works now.

Hope that this might help somebody who also comes across this problem.

Regarding the changes in the Contest window, I am looking forward to seeing it and I think that then it would be perfect log software for my use. That was the only thing that i missed.

Best regard, and thanks again once more.

Voice keying problems

Yes !
Forgot hat script adds ".mp3" to F-key given as parameter. So you need audio files with extension ".mp3" in name.

I wonder how you get /usr/bin as local directory?
it should not be so, it should always point to ~/.config/cqrlog/voice_keyer when cqrlog is started as ordinary user (not root) from his home directory (as icons normally do).

/usr/bin is in linux default search path for user so staring icon should not assign it as work directory. Working directory should be empty then it defaults to user home directory.
It is enough to specify "command"" as /usr/bin/cqrlog , no need to specify "work directory" at all for startup icon.


I saw on the help page a

I saw on the help page a different script file form the one I have, so I just adapted it. It works now splendidly.

There is one offtopic thing, but since you are versed in Lazarus, i would like to ask. A the moment I use tlf logger for contesting and for porable. I would like to feshen it up and my idea is to put it in a window (form) and add menues for settings. I couldn't find on the internet, is there a way in Lazarus to embedd a console as a component?

Thanks once again and GL

Voice keying problems

I think (I do not know) it does not work.
But why it should be embedded? Linux is multitasking OS and you can just open tlf as it's own.