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After short experience with other logger on Windows I wish to retutrn to linux and cqrlog.
Cqrlog is working fine on Ubuntu 22.04, but I am in troubles with import adif file with abt 18k QSOs to cqrlog.
I can be wrong here but it looks that the main problem is that the adif file generated by windows logger contains two bits "national characters" which are not accepted by cqrlog adif import.
Is any simple method to convert adif file to the one can be accepted by cqrlog?
Or any other method without manual correction?

Slav, SP3RXO

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There are two ways. Use iconv to transfer text from one charset to another, this case from your Win charset to plain ascii.
Or modify adif tags, usually name and qth, to have _INTL extensions with those tag names. That will work if Win charset is utf8.