Unable to maximise screen-Ubuntu Netbook Remix

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Unable to maximise screen-Ubuntu Netbook Remix

I am unable to maximise the CQRlog screen and as such cant see the bottom couple of centimetres of the screen.
This makes the "Save QSO" button unavailable. I have changed screen resolution but this does not fix it.
I am relatively new to Linux but hoping to make it work.

I can be reached at ctmegaw@gmail.com if this is a simple problem and private tuition is necessary! I also have a screen shot of the problem if anyone would care to look.


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Re: Unable to maximise screen-Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Ho Chris,

could you send me your screenshot to petr@ok2cqr.com?

Thank you.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Thanks Petr, Hope you got

Thanks Petr,
Hope you got that email and screeenshot.


Hello Peter. Please do "New

Hello Peter.
Please do "New QSO" window more re-sizable.
Very hard to work with notebooks with resolutions 1024x768.
Now this window is resizable but only like window, all data inside NOT!
Now resize works like CUT, so if I make resize from upper side of window I can't see previous QSO's.

Best Regards.

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Re: Hello Peter. Please do "New


I'm sorry but I don't know how to resize edits, labels etc. without breaking layout. To be complete honest I can't imagine how you can use CQRLOG on this small resolution. I have 1680x1050 and I'd like to have more! Much more!

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Hi. Thank you. I'm also have

Thank you.
I'm also have notebook with 1600x1200 resolution at my home station and all looks GOOD, enough space for all, but older notebooks has a problem, so we will use newer computers.

Tnx agn

BTW, how possible to run program with "QSO list" window.
I like to see report of my QSO's, now after program running I must every time to do Ctrl+O for show QSO list.


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Re: Hi. Thank you. I'm also have


you can enable showing recent QSOs in New QSO window. Go to Preferences, choose New QSO tab, enable this option:

Show recent QSO records for last XX days

and put e.g. 10 instead of XX. Click to OK, write something to call field, press ESC twice and you can see recent QSOs for last 10 days.

There is no need to have QSO list window open.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Re: Unable to maximise screen-Ubuntu Netbook Remix

I'm posting my reply to Chris here, too.

Please try to get the window smaller. Maybe it helps. But the true is,you can operate completely without these two buttons. Enter saves the QSO (the same like clicking to Save button) and CTRL+Q ends the program (the same like clicking to Quit button).

The minimal size of the window is 641x818 (h x w). You can also write these values directly to cqrlog.cfg in log_data directory. Open it with text editor (e.g. gEdit), find [NewQSO] section and there should be this:

width=some value
height=sime value

change it to:


73 Petr, OK2CQR

Deroy (not verified)
Netbooks Need A Shorter Or Scrollable Window

The maximum display height for many netbooks is only 600. So 641 is to much height for the display.

Virtual display 1024x768 on netbook
Virtual Display

I also use eeepan to view screens with higher vertical resolution. Works great!


Steve N8NM

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How possible to run program with "QSO list" window

I can't understand WHY you want to have the QSO list open. The upper portion of the logging screen can contain THE SAME data, also this "list" (which is de facto an excerpt from the same database) updates regularly after every logged contact.

The content of the upper portion of logging screen depends on the setup, you can also see each complete QSO in the logging screen. The number of QSO displayed here (and scrollable back) depends on the timespan setup (QSO made within this timespan are ALL displayed, there is also 'Edit' option and possibility to find a QSL manager in the IK3QAR database). I highly recommend to set up the timespan that no more than 100 newest QSO records can be displayed (ie. you are getiing 10 QSO a day, set the limit to last 10 days etc.).

With highest respect, the wish to have QSO list permanently open is the MOST STUPID idea I ever read within the time spent with this program. It is so, that the most serious problem is the screen rendering after each update. This is the reason for the upper portion of the logging screen where the data number is limited and the rendering problem is not so bad.

QSO List Window

Wow, thanks Martin.

I have been under a misconception that you needed the qso list window to see previous qso's !

Part of the reason, on my part, is the Logger32 paradigm of 3 windows: entry, prev qsos, log.
I had skipped right over the PREFERENCE/NEW QSO/SHOW RECENT QSO RECORDS -- think i read that as in qso list window.

Not only do things refresh correctly now (a problem with qso list), but I do not need to have qso list window open normally--
I think there is one exception ?
To the best of my knowledge QSO Window is required to clear the fields of New QSO ? I don't think there is a way to clear fields
except backspace over them.

Perhaps there is a hot key that does the equivalent of QSO LIST WINDOW "NEW QSO" - in the case where you want to clear an entry out of
the new qso window ?

73, Howie N4AF

Howie N4AF

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Re: QSO List Window

Hi Howie,

you can clear all fields by pressing ESC twice. If you do that New QSO window will always switch to entering new QSO mode.

73 Petr, OK2CQR