Membership lists maintainers wanted!

CQRLOG can now track up to 100 different memberships. It is simply impossible for me to maintain all these membership lists so we need a maintainer who is willing to be responsible for a particular membership list. Actually I maintain on regular basis following lists only: FOC, FOC Names, CWOPS, A1-Club, LIDS, HSC, VHSC, SHSC and EHSC. I can hardly do more. Other lists are very old and unmaintained. More - see the Membership lists menu item.



I can help out here as I am a member of both and regularly download member lists for contests.

John AC8JW

SKCC update script

For SKCC I use the following:


printf "SKCC\nStraight;Key;Century;Club\n" > skcc.txt && cat skcclist.txt | sed 1d |sed s/\|/" "/g | sed s/call/""/ |sed s/skccnr/""/ |awk '{ print $2";"$1 }' |tee >> skcc.txt

sudo cp skcc.txt /usr/share/cqrlog/members

After that go to the membership tab in the preferences and load the new data.

73 Mike K5TRI

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Re: SKCC update script

Mike, it works, but

  • Straight;Key;Century;Club should be Straight Key Century Club (without semicolons)
  • the list contains also SWL IDs which can't be worked. SWLs must be considered as dummy entries
    The list must not reside in /usr/share/cqrlog/members. It can be stored in /home/~/.config/cqrlog/members where it can be updated without sudo.
  • - I changed the header to

    - I changed the header to include the colons after I saw it in the other list that came with CQRlog. One can of course change that easily.
    - Could you add the location comment to the post with the lists themselves? When I searched for any files under ~/.config/cqrlog I couldn't find
    any on a fresh install. The documentation doesn't specify the location either in the 'Preferences' section, only later under 'Maintenance'. Would
    be helpful to have the pointer right where the lists are shown

    I'll change my script now to copy to local user directory instead. Thanks for the pointer.

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    Re: I changed the header to

    Mike, OK. No problem on the script.
    Check the menu item 'Membership lists', please. I added a notice about a need to create the appropriate folder. Tell me if the info is sufficient and clear enough...

    Cool, looks good. Only in the

    Cool, looks good. Only in the path you specified /home/~/.config which doesn't work as ~ is already /home/username. Path should be ~/.config/cqrlog/members.

    Thanks es 73

    Willing to help

    I'm willing to help maintain the 10-10 list.


    I have list from Iceland


    I have made list for the Icelandic Amateur Club, and it work. How can I send you that and then maintain it?

    Best Regards
    Magnus TF1MT