Cursor position Error when deleting a character

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Cursor position Error when deleting a character

When trying to delete a character in several of the dialogues the cursor moves to the right by one character.

I've noticed this in several places and others have reported similar problems. It was in 2.0.4 (and possibly earlier) and still exists in 2.0.5

In my case the most annoying instance is in the "Export for LoTW" dialogue in the field "tqsl command line arguments. I use a lot of QTH profiles and each has it's own LoTW entry, so I change this field a *lot*.

Example: field contains: /usr/bin/tqsl -d -l "Woodland Road" %f -x

If I place the cursor between the two letter 'o's using my mouse and hit 'del' then the text changes to: /usr/bin/tqsl -d -l "Wodland Road" %f -x
*but* the cursor is between the 'd' and the 'l' and not between the 'o' and the 'd' as I expect.

A similar problem exists with using the 'Backspace' key to delete the character in front of the cursor, but in this case the first 'backspace' works correctly, but the second one results in the cursor once again being too far to the right!

This bug has the characteristics of the code trying to manipulate the cursor position manually and not accounting for the character width (UTF) etc.

Colin G8TMV

Same version works on Debian stable

As an extra data point ...

the bug only happens, for me, on the 'testing' version of Debian. The 'stable' version works as expected.