Download QSL from LOTW Fails

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Download QSL from LOTW Fails


First, thanks for making and supporting CQRLOG. It is amazing software.

I am experiencing an issue with importing QSL data directly from LOTW via CQRLOG:

QSL > LoTW > Import > Download and process data from LoTW website

Then I click the button labeled: Download data from ARRL Website

Size: 5420
Connected to LoTW server
File downloaded successfully
Preparing import ....
Import complete ...

New QSOs confirmed by LoTW:
Total: 0 new QSOs


A pop up dialog box then appears stating:

Something is wrong because LoTW server returned invalid adif file header.
Your LoTW username/password could be wrong or LoTW server is down.

Do you want to show the file?


When I view the file, it is the ARRL LoTW website login page stating the password/username is incorrect.

However, this is the same password/username combination that is used for successful LoTW upload processes via CQRLOG.

Right now I just manually download the ADIF file from LoTW and import it into CQRLOG. I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue with the automatic import and/or if someone has come up with a solution to make it work.

Thank you for your time!


This could be a duplicate of

This could be a duplicate of bug reported in the following post:
LoTW returns "invalid adif file header"
by DL8WOW ยป Thu, 2017-03-16 04:27

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Not sure what happened, but

Not sure what happened, but it uploaded successfully today when I attempted it. Not sure if anything was updated or any dependencies in Arch linux.