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Cannot compile

Hi, I'm trying to build cqrlog 2.0.5 from source and i get the following error:

lazbuild --ws=gtk2 --pcp=/tmp/.lazarus src/cqrlog.lpi
SetPrimaryConfigPath NewValue="/tmp/.lazarus" -> "/tmp/.lazarus"
Error: (lazarus) invalid Lazarus directory "": directory lcl not found
Error: (lazarus) Building failed: src/cqrlog.lpi
Makefile:9: recipe for target 'cqrlog' failed
make: *** [cqrlog] Error 2

I have no experience with lazarus and I can't find the problem.
My system is running Slackware 14.2 (kernel and FPC 3.0.2.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Gustavo - LU7WA

Cannot compile


Assume your Lazarus is 1.6.4 or higher.

Here is how I do it (It might not be official way, but works):

Get source as zip file from GitHub. Extract it somewhere.
Start Lazarus IDE and select "project" and from it "open project". (Ctrl+F11 shorcut key)
Navigate to extracted folder /src and select cqrlog.lpi

If it opens without problems select "execute" and from there "compile" (Ctrl+F9)
(note: words are translated from Finnish version of Lazarus. They may be something else when english is selected)

If compile goes ok you have a new binary at /src folder called "cqrlog" and you can copy it over exisiting /usr/src/cqrlog
(note: backup old one first! You may have to use sudo to copy /usr/bin)

There is nothing more to do if you have first installed cqrlog from distribution package. Just compile new binaries with
Lazarus and lay them over existing binary.

If you want to test run code from inside of Lazarus you need to make symlink to extracted folders root (same where READMEs are).
share -> /usr/share/
Otherwise running from Lazarus debugger will fail because of missing files.

73 Saku


Hi Saku, thanks for your

Hi Saku, thanks for your comment. In fact I'm running Lazarus 1.6.4 on my system. I will give it a try. Anyway I'll keep digging into this problem because I want to update the slackbuild for this software (if you're interested see and I need it to run the build from the script.

Sorry for the username change...just got my new callsign! (lu8wfy to lu7wa)



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Re: Cannot compile

Hi Gustavo,

it seems you don't have Lazarus installed correctly - lcl is missing.

73 Petr

Re: Cannot compile

Hi Petr, thanks for your response. I'm not familiar with lazarus but I've checked the package installed on my linux system and I see a lot of lcl related files, I cannot tell if the installation is ok. Maybe I can send the lazarus package file list and you can check it to see if there's something missing. The strange thing is that in the past I've been able to compile cqrlog 1.9.0 without any problem with this setup.


Gustavo - LU7WA

Re: Cannot compile [SOLVED]

Hi Petr, I finally found the problem! The cqrlog src Makefile invokes lazbuild with the following parameters: --ws=gtk2 --pcp=$(tmpdir)/.lazarus src/cqrlog.lpi being tmpdir = /tmp. The problem is that /tmp/.lazarus does exist but it's empty (I guess that the needed file it's environmentoptions.xml, where the path to the lazarus installation is set). Quick and dirty workaround is to copy /home/user/.lazarus/* to /tmp/.lazarus/
I don't know why this is happening on my system, I will dig further. By the way I'm building on Slackware 14.2, kernel 4.4.75-smp, lazarus 1.6.4 and fpc 3.0.2.


Gustavo - LU7WA