Hamqth still not working with CQRLOG

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Hamqth still not working with CQRLOG

I see that the HamQTH site is back up. I can log in and access call information bt I cannot get it to work with CQRLOG. I am still getting the Tag "" not found! error. Is there still work to do or am I doing something wrong? I tried changing my HamQth password but no luck.

73 Bill NZ0t


Could it be that your logging account is not valid any more?
At least my account is wiped by the HD failure and I think so are all others, too.

I think everyone must register again and after that also fix own datas.

Anyhow nice work Petr!!! Thank you !

I know what it is like, I have met similar situation at work and at home ;(
Seems that it must happen at least once for learning about backup checking.
Not just making them.



You are right!
After doing new accont and fixed own data cqrlog still does not find anything (when tested with own call and fixed data).

I think we have to wait a bit more.
Meanwhile it is good time to update own information @HamQTH database.



Good news! Looks like call book XML support from HamQTH is back up and running. If you haven't yet you might want to try to login at hamqth. If you get a "User name or password is not correct, please try again" you will need to re-register. Other than that my call book info inside CQRLOG is working again. Didn't realize how much I needed it until it stopped working. Thanks Petr

Got it!

I changed my password and all is working again! Thanks for the help and the fast recovery.