SQL console in v0.90 (and HTML exports)

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SQL console in v0.90 (and HTML exports)

The v0.90 upgrade was quick. Now with the addition of the 902 band I was able to import my legacy log from Logger32. I hacked the ADIF file from Logger32 so that the CONTEST_ID field got remapped to the notes/comments in CQRLOR.

I started playing with the SQL console which is a very helpful feature.

1. Where is the DB connection string info stored CQRLOG? I might want to look at writing my own SQL to export some specific fields for my website and automating that transfer. (Less fields than the standard HTML export feature, Sort by date DESC, automated, etc.) I could probably whip up some sort of export script/query pretty easily.

2. In CQRLOG how are you building the HTML table with your SQL query? This might be a starting point for what I am looking for.

I am a HUGE fan of the SQL console. My SQL is bit rusty at the moment but it is nice to be able to run quick adhoc queries for the folks that are comfortable with it. I am excited to have my legacy log imported and be able to say that I shack is 100% Linux. CQRLOG is great!

73 de John, NG0R

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Re: SQL console in v0.90 (and HTML exports)

Hi John,

connection string is here in source code:


Stated at line nr 1126.

DataBase.UserName := 'SYSDBA';
DataBase.PassWord := 'masterkey';

Here is the source code of export to html http://cqrlog.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cqrlog/fSQLConsole.pas?revision...
started at line 213.

I can provide you source code and console program to export data to CSV from cqrlog database. I use it here on my computer as a part of my script to upload log to my website.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: SQL console in v0.90 (and HTML exports)

Hi Petr,

I just took a quick peak at the the links to Sourceforge and it looks pretty readable upon my limited inspection. I will have to ponder this during my travel over x-mas to decide how I want to attack this.

I may take you up on your offer for the source code for your console export app.

I need to think through how much data I want to put on my website. In the past I would probably have just pushed it up into a DB online and written some ASP to retrieve the info. I am moving away from having DBs on my website so that I can make it more OS independent over time so that it is more portable. (My site is ASP now but a change is coming when time permits.)

My initial thought it is that I want to export a HTML file every night and then send to my website. I am also thinking of which fields I really want to post online and the sort order (newest at the top of the site.) I am trying to be sensitive to how big the page is over time. :-)

I am really impressed with CQRLOG and try to share it with other folks in my area.

73 de John NG0R

John Hoaglun
NG0R - EN25ue

SQL Console

I just tried the SQL console and I can see this a very nice feature indeed. Very nice addition!!! (it seems we're (me?) too often complaining and not complimenting the good features of CQRlog)

How about a user contrib section on the website where we can post our own custom SQL files that will help others? Perhaps a wiki of sorts, but I'm not familiar with setting up a wiki.