OpenSUSE - cqrlog-qt5

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OpenSUSE - cqrlog-qt5

I make repo for master branch cqrlog compile at QT5. Please test if somebody use opensuse Thumbleweed

OpenSUSE - cqrlog-qt5

Thanks for info.
There is at least one problem with QT5.
Grayline map spotting does not work as connect to rbn can not be initialized. This works with gtk2 and may perhaps work with some distributions, at least fails with fedora30.

Any other bugs or graphics overflows reporting is most welcomed. Please test also with gtk2 version to see that it is QT5 issue.


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RBN Monitor work for me but

RBN Monitor work for me but only when i uncheck "show only spot that are new one/new mode/new band"
the Grayline i know... don't work. They cant connect to rbn.
When i use i don't have any graphics overflows (wayland on opensuse with my pc conf that isn't good idea)

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If someone use opensuse i

If someone use opensuse i recommend using a repository:


I have used OpenSuse for over 10 years, but have just moved to Debian 12. The version of Opensuse I have on a hard drive is Leap 15.4.

Rick, KK4GGL