Moving Among Fields In New QSO Window

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Moving Among Fields In New QSO Window


I'm not sure if this is an intended change or not, but I now notice that if I use the arrow keys to move through the fields in the new QSO window, the program works as before when in the RST fields where the center number is selected, but when moving on to the Name field, the whole name is not selected as before (v.0.7) when QRZ info prefills the fields. I liked it when the whole name was selected especially when, say, someone goes by their middle name; I found it easier to retype names as opposed to pressing and holding "delete" and then making the changes.

The other thing is I used to be able to use the TAB key to select the full RST in order to enter a less common report like 449. Now a TAB doesn't do that.

If the above is an intended change, please disregard this post. As always, thanks for a great program!

73 - Paul - N9GXA