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MIcroham USB Interface

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MIcroham USB Interface

Hi Everyone,

I have a microham USB CW keyer which also has a RS232 interface and reads the radios data.

Can this work with CQRLog and if so how can I configure CQRLog?

Is it possible to us a USB to RS232 cable to control the radio in CQRLog?
Again if so how do I configure?



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Re: MIcroham USB Interface

Hi Berni,

I'm very sorry but we don't support microham devices, yet. It is not only interface, it has own CPU and own communication protocol. Windows driver hides this internal protocol and creates virtual ports. We have manual where this communication is described but it is very complex and not so easy to develop support for it into cqrlog. I hope, in the future I'll develop support for this devides. True is, the best way is kernel driver for this device but I'm not so keen in kernel programing to develop this module. I'm sorry.

73 Petr, OK2CQR