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I'd like to config xplanet to my QTH or other places.

Cqrlog -debug shows this:
-glare 28 -light_time -range 2.5 -wait 5 -geometry 1000x750+150+10 -window_title "CQRLOG - xplanet"

Where are the configfiles?
I knwo only the geoconfig.

In /../.config/../xplanet/geoconfig is nothing like -light_time -geometry or -range
Where are these options?

i'm thinking the -lat -long options are missing.
Locator is right. This means 6 signs. Like this => XXYYZZ

Who can help me, please?
best 73's Chris

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Re: xPlanet

Hi Chris,
lat and long parameters are added automatically by CQRLOG. Are you sure you have correct locator in Preferences? It uses locator to calculate coordinates and it the locator is not valid, it won't add lat and long params to xplnaet commandline.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

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No, Locator is right. Only 6

No, Locator is right. Only 6 signs. JN58JB is it.
The changing of it has no effect. Station Locator or CTRL+L Locator or QTH profiles.
Always the same xplanet.

Xplanet is 1.2.1
If i do: xplanet -window -lat KOORD and -long KOORD
that works.

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Re: No, Locator is right. Only 6

Hi Chris,
I just tried it and it works. I entered your grid to CQRLOG preferences and this is the command for xplanet:
/usr/bin/xplanet -config /home/ok2cqr/.config/cqrlog/xplanet/geoconfig -window  -longitude 10.7917 -latitude 48.0625 -glare 28 -light_time -range 2.5 -wait 5  -geometry 100x100+10+10 -window_title "CQRLOG - xplanet"
Please check if you don't have any extra spaces in preferences before/after the grid. There is no reason why it shouldn't work.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

Same problem here

HI Petr,
Interesting, but same problem also here.
When cqrlog program start and start xplanet:
Command line: /usr/bin/xplanet -config /home/andy/.config/cqrlog/xplanet/geoconfig -glare 28 -light_time -range 2.5 -wait 30 -geometry 450x450+0+0 -window_title "CQRLOG - xplanet"
And after when I go to Preferences> xplanet support > Test it!:
Command line: /usr/bin/xplanet -config /home/andy/.config/cqrlog/xplanet/geoconfig -window -longitude 14.0417 -latitude 45.1458 -glare 28 -light_time -range 2.5 -wait 30 -geometry 450x450+0+0 -window_title "CQRLOG - xplanet"
To avoid that I made start up script and start xplanet with cordinates before cqrlog.
9a3jh Andrea