Editing a callsign

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Editing a callsign

If I log a QSO and then I discover I had an error with the callsign and edit the call, the QSO details from HamQTH lookup remain and of course are wrong. At this point there are 2 possibilities ...
1. The data was there from the previous lookup
2. The data was entered from information exchanged during the qso
It would be nice to have a pop up box when saving the edit to give you the option of looking up the newly changed callsign info or saving the current info. At the same time it would be good to reset the lotw and eqsl sent so the data can be uploaded correctly.
There is one further problem where if working the station again, the contact with the old incorrect call shows up on the QSO history box of the New QSO window. I think that re-indexing of the data base needs to be done but the repair log database function in the Database connection window does not fix this. Obviously the incorrect call is stored somewhere with a false index to it and may cause subtle problems somewhere else, perhaps an inexplicable crash at random for no apparent reason.
73 de Graeme ZL2APV