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Callbook Support

Hi there - my Query relates to the callbook lookup support for QRZ.COM and despite being an xml subscriber it does'nt appear to work after entering my call/pass'w in preferences.
When I use Fldigi lookups take about 2 seconds to populate the log fields so I know the system works !
Here am running Linux Mint "Petra" cinnamon with CQRLOG  v 1.73 - any ideas appreciated.

re - my last post  on QRZ

re - my last post  on QRZ lookups
Problem solved - did'nt check the box for Hamcall/Qrz under new Qso
Thought I'd put it up here anyway in case anyone else has trouble
This program is coming along nicely since my last use  4yrs ago
Thank You  -  Petr

Rgds: Peter - g4nkx (Reg Linux user No 484861)  -  IO90MT