CQRLOG acting VERY strange

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CQRLOG acting VERY strange

I've been using CQRLog for a few years now, and I agree, it's the best Linux logging program there is. It's been working fine, but this evening I loaded it up and went to put a call into the Call field on the New Qso screen and the letters doubled, i.e., when I hit K, it put in KK, and when I hit delete, it deleted both K's. All the other fields do the same thing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program, thinking I'd have to reset all the preferences, and import my log again, but everything was as if I had not uninstalled anything, i.e., the preferences were all still as I had left them. Since I've tried  typing a test letter in a word processor and have typed this post and don't have the problem I know it has to be in CQRLog. Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance,

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Re: CQRLOG acting VERY strange

Hi Dave,
please look here: http://www.cqrlog.com/?q=node/84#comment-190
73 Petr, OK2CQR

fix for this problem

Petr, I recently did a new install of Kubuntu 14.04 and shortly after an icon appeared in the notification area called I-bus. That's when the problem with double characters in CQRLog began. When I click on it and shut down I-bus, CQRLog behaves normally. There is also an option to hide the icon, so some who are having this proiblem may have it running and are not aware of it. What I-bus is is explained in this link:
Thanks for the help. 
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Thanks Dave, 

Thanks Dave, 
This also worked for Lubuntu.
73,  Chris w0anm