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CQRLOG development & support

I'm very sorry that reply to any email or post on the forum takes so long time. I have something with my hands, some kind of disease ( inflammation of tendon - translated by google) and it's very painful to me to write on computer keyboard. It takes about 14 days and it's getting worse. I'm trying to relax. I'm very sorry.
I'm also not active on HF bands because even sending CW with paddle is very painful. Maybe on the weekend I'll make a few QSO, if it gets better a bit.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

We need you

I hope you get well soon. I wish you good health.

73! de RW6MR

Look after yourself

Sorry to hear about your hands Petr,
Take good care and leave the key and keyboard alone for a few days. Watch a couple of movies and read a novel.
Take care, Graeme ZL2APV

Take care.

Ahoj Petr,
really bad news concerning your health, I hope you will be better soon. Take care and I am looking forward to your full recovery.
Best 73 to you and your family.
David Quental

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Take care

Hi petr,
Take care of yourself, health first.
Thanks for your effort
73, Med cn8yr

Med, cn8yr

Get Better Soon

Hello Petr,
Sorry to hear you have not been well.
I hope by this time that your hand is starting to get better.
Lean back and take it easy....we need you.
73 Wallace

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Re: CQRLOG development & support

I'm back! My hands are fine and I can work like before. I already sent reply to all emails I got, if you didn't get anything from me, please send the email again. Thank you!
73 Petr, Ok2CQR

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Glad you feel better Petr....

Glad you feel better Petr......Tom K8WDX
hope the YL, and kids are ok.....say hi from my family, Tom, Trang & Leann....
Oh Leann is a bit older than the picture she is 14 years old today.


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Re: Glad you feel better Petr....

Thank you Tom!
Yes, my family is also OK, we are healthy. Happy birth day to Leann!
Take care!
Petr, OK2CQR