RS "+01" changes to "019" on JT9

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RS "+01" changes to "019" on JT9

I recently work on JT65 and JT9,and I don't use rig control.On JT9 sometimes occures RS "plus value".When minus value, I have no problem.But when "+03", CQRlog changes "+03" to "039".At LoTW I have no problem, for LoTW omits RS.However at eQSL, I need re-edit this value to correct one in text editor.Does it happen to you?

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Re: RS "+01" changes to "019" on JT9

I just tried it and it worked. Do you have AUTO checkbox on the top of the mode drop downlist checked?
73 Petr, OK2CQR


I see now.
Sorry too late to send.